Operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week we are always able to provide storage facilities with 60,000 SQ FT of warehouse space, sectored into 3 warehouses and boasting a large open plan spacious yard. We cover every need within the transport and storage sector.

With 24 hour security personnel, highly secured fencing and CCTV operating over a superbly well lit yard, there isn’t anywhere safer your goods could be stored.

Here at Transcentral we operate a storage facility suitable for all your needs. We are very proud of our dedication to the Health and Safety of our staff, customers and visitors on site making it our main priority.

Whether it be machines, presses, general goods, palletised items or specialist hazardous liquids we are able to securely store anything.

Our warehouses provide space for stackable and non stackable pallets to ensure a safe, quality storage regime for all materials in our care.

The use of our installed link 51 racking systems in all 3 warehouses provides a safe and secure way to store any goods that are able to be stored, with a recorded logging system in place to track material on our systems constantly. Our racking is checked weekly by our Warehouse Manager who is SEEMA qualified in racking inspections to ensure the highest standards of safety in our storage equipment.

Supplying a 2.5 tonne counter balance, two 1.5 tonne counter balance, a 1.6 tonne reach fork lift truck and different types of fork extensions, we are ready to load and off load any goods that need to be loaded or unloaded at any time. Ensuring safe working and transportation of our client’s material at all times, with daily inspections by our work force and our 12 month LOLER certificates completed annually.

Quality Inspection Checks

We offer a service of segregated working areas for customers, for decanting and quality checks of materials, to check all goods are to a sufficient standard before being distributed to their clients, to ensure the best quality of our customer’s products are received.

Transportation of Stored Goods

Getting the goods to and from destinations can be easily achieved here at transcentral. We can accommodate all customer’s requirements in transporting the goods supplying transport on all different scales of size. Included in our fleet of transport are vans, 7.5 tonne trucks, 18 tonne trucks and artic sized vehicles.

All this together with a spacious open plan yard, with a driver’s safety area for all drivers, a warehouse canteen and toilets provided to everyone who visits transcentral and a professional welcoming service there is no better place to keep your goods safe and secure.

We are working towards ISO9001, ISO14001 and ISO 45001 accreditation.